Sub eLearning: MVISION Endpoint Essentials
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This course is designed to provide the knowledge required to implement and support McAfee MVISION Endpoint in a customer's Windows network environment. McAfee MVISION Endpoint uses a lightweight endpoint agent to augment the basic anti-malware protection provided by Microsoft Windows Defender with enhanced protection capabilities including online and offline Machine Learning for zero-day protection, credential theft protection, and rollback remediation.

This course contains the following modules:

• MVISION Endpoint Overview – This module provides an introduction and overview of the product and how it works to protect an endpoint PC.
• MVISION Endpoint Product Installation – This module covers the software deployment, installation and uninstallation on the Windows 10 endpoint PC, and installation verification.
• MVISION Endpoint Product Operations – This module covers operations including malware detections and quarantine, policy configuration on McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator, and the Protection Workspace.
• MVISION Endpoint Basic Troubleshooting – This module covers basic system troubleshooting using the installation and product log files.
In this course, you will learn to:
• Describe the MVISION Endpoint product architecture, functions, operations, and how it works
• Install the required software extensions to deploy or remove MVISION Endpoint to the Windows 10 endpoint PCs
• Verify the product deployment of MVISION Endpoint on the endpoint PC
• Use MVISION Endpoint to identify and block malware on a Windows 10 endpoint PC
• Use Protection Workspace with MVISION Endpoint to identify and track malware and compliance issues in a customer's network environment
• Use the MVISION Endpoint installation, uninstallation, and product log files to perform basic system and event troubleshooting
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