eLearning: DLPe 11.0 Essentials
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The McAfee® Data Loss Prevention Endpoint 11.0 Essentials course from McAfee®Education Services provides attendees with hands-on training on the design, setup,configuration, and management of these appliances. In addition, students will learn how to effectively implement the appliances in a complex enterprise.

A Single license provides access for 30 days from date of registration.

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Course Goals
■ Describe McAfee® Data Loss Prevention (McAfee DLP)portfolio, as well as the purpose of portfolio solutions
■ Plan a McAfee® DLP Essentials deployment
■ Install and configure McAfee DLP Essentials solution components
■ Manage user roles and permissions
■ Create Device Control rules required to eliminate data loss through hardware devices
■ Design Data Protection rules to protect data in various locations and using various methods
■ Create and implement Data Protection rules in McAfee ePO
■ Create and deploy Endpoint Discovery rules
■ Use queries and reports to gather and display DLP data
■ Integrate DLP with other supported McAfee and third-party products

Agenda at a Glance—8 hours
■ Module 1: Course Overview
■ Module 2: McAfee DLP Solution Overview
■ Module 3: McAfee DLP Essentials Fundamentals
■ Module 4: Deployment Planning
■ Module 5: Preparing the Environment
■ Module 6: Installation
■ Module 7: Client Deployment
■ Module 8: Client Configuration
■ Module 9: Help Desk
■ Module 10: Permission Sets
■ Module 11: Policy Manager
■ Module 12: User Definition
■ Module 13: Device Control
■ Module 14: Device Rules
■ Module 15: Classifying Content 
■ Module 16: Criteria Rules 
■ Module 17: Data Protection Definitions
■ Module 18: Data Protection Rules
■ Module 19: Endpoint Discovery 
■ Module 20: Monitoring and Reportinig 
■ Module 21: Case Management
■ Module 22: Basic Troubleshooting 
■ Module 23: FRP 
■ Module 24: Rights Management

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