eLearning: EPO EPolicy Orchestrator 5.9 + Labs
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The McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee ePO™) Essentials eLearning course from McAfee
Education Services provides training on the design, setup, configuration, and management of
this software. Students will also learn how to effectively implement and troubleshoot McAfee
ePO software in a complex enterprise.

A Single license provides access for 60 days from date of registration.

LAB ENVIRONMENTS:Allow hands on use of McAfee products to apply real world applications of what is learned in the eLearning modules.Please look over the FAQ and Lab guidematerials to get the best use out of the system.

NOTE:Make sure to check complete on each module as you complete so that at end of course you can take course survey and receive certificate of course completion.

Course Goals
■ Install, upgrade, and uninstall McAfee ePO software
■ Define how to configure server settings and build system treein McAfee ePO software
■ Define how to manage products and policies in McAfee ePOsoftware through the use of tasks and policies
■ Define how to configure dashboards, queries, and reports
■ Define basic troubleshooting principles for McAfee ePOsoftware
■ Define how to configure user accounts and permissions
■ Define how to configure “Disaster Recovery” backups

Agenda at a Glance—6 hours
■ Module 1: Product Overview and Architecture
■ Module 2: Installation, Upgrade, and Uninstallation
■ Module 3: Server Configuration
■ Module 4: System Tree Configuration
■ Module 5: Product Management
■ Module 6: Policy Management 
■ Module 7: Dashboards, Queries, and Reports 
■ Module 8: User Accounts and Permissions 
■ Module 9: Disaster Recovery 
■ Module 10: Course Summary
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