eLearning: NSP Network Security Platform 9.1
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The McAfee® Network Security Platform Essentials course from McAfee Education Services
is an essential component of implementing a successful intrusion prevention strategy. Learn
how to deploy and configure a McAfee Network Security Platform solution to protect against
real-world attacks. You can immediately apply your new skills to improve protection for your
business and take full advantage of your investment in McAfee Network Security Platform.

A Single license provides access for 30 days from date of registration.

Course Goals
■ Provide a description of McAfee Network Security Platformfeatures, purpose, and benefits.
■ List pre-installation requirements.
■ Troubleshoot basic issues in the Manager and Sensor(s).
■ Follow instructions to complete installation.
■ Navigate menu structure to locate where to configure eachfeature.

Agenda at a Glance—5 hours
■ Module 1: Introduction
■ Module 2: Installation
■ Module 3: Sensors
■ Module 4: Alert Management 
■ Module 5: Policy Management 
■ Module 5: Maintenance 
■ Module 6: Troubleshooting
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