Sub eLearning: NDLP Network Data Loss Prevention 11.6 Essentials
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Through e-learning and demonstrations, you will learn about using the tools needed to design, implement, configure, and use McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention to safeguard intellectual property and ensure compliance. 
Course Goals 
§ Describe McAfee Data Loss Prevention (DLP) portfolio, as well as the purpose of portfolio solutions 
§ Plan McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention (NDLP) deployment 
§ Install and configure NDLP solution components, including DLP Capture 
§ Install Mcafee DLP Prevent, Capture, Monitor, and Discover appliances 
§ Manage user roles and permissions 
§ Create and manage policies and rules 
§ Gather and analyze evidence and events 
§ Create and interpret reports 
§ Monitor incidents, events, and system health 
§ Perform basic troubleshooting 

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