eLearning: NDLP Network Data Loss Prevention 11.6 Essentials
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Through e-learning and demonstrations, you will learn about using the tools needed to design, implement, configure, and use Network Data Loss Prevention to safeguard intellectual property and ensure compliance.
Course Goals
§ Describe Data Loss Prevention (DLP) portfolio, as well as the purpose of portfolio solutions 
§ Plan Network Data Loss Prevention (NDLP) deployment 
§ Install and configure NDLP solution components, including DLP Capture 
§ Install DLP Prevent, Capture, Monitor, and Discover appliances 
§ Manage user roles and permissions 
§ Create and manage policies and rules 
§ Gather and analyze evidence and events 
§ Create and interpret reports 
§ Monitor incidents, events, and system health 
§ Perform basic troubleshooting 

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