eLearning: ACCC Application Control and Change Control 8.3.2 Essentials
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The purpose of this course is to introduce the basic uses, architecture, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting techniques available for Application Control and Change Control (MACC) 8.3.2. Additionally, the resources and videos available in the course are packaged for use individually so that can be referenced later.
Course Goals 
§ Describe Application Control and Change Control solution. 
§ Plan Application Control and Change Control deployment. 
§ Install and configure Application Control and Change Control. 
§ Create and manage policies and rules. 
§ Manage the software inventory. 
§ Enable and configure Change Control. 
§ Configure Integrity Monitoring policies. 
§ Gather and analyze events and alerts. 
§ Perform basic troubleshooting. 
§ Describes Inventory mode. 
§ Describes Common Platform Enumeration (CPE). 
§ Describes Trusted local group. 

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