Sub eLearning: Endpoint Security ENS 10.7 Essentials
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This training course provides an in-depth introduction to the tasks required to install, migrate, upgrade, and deploy McAfee Endpoint Security Release 10.7. Endpoint Security combines the Threat Prevention, Adaptive Threat Protection, Firewall, and Web Control modules to take immediate action against potentially dangerous applications, downloads, websites, and files. This course is designed as a practical starting point for someone who is new to supporting Endpoint Security.

Course Goals
§Plan a McAfee Endpoint Security deployment.
§Identify considerations if migrating from other McAfee security products and perform a migration.
§ Use the Endpoint Upgrade Assistant to upgrade from legacy McAfee products to McAfee Endpoint Security Release 10.7. 
§ Install required McAfee Endpoint Security software packages and extensions on a McAfee ePO. 
§ Use the McAfee Endpoint Security client on an endpoint system. 
§ Monitor and report on security status. 
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