eLearning: Data Loss Prevention Endpoint DLPe 11.5 Essentials
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The purpose of this course is to introduce the basic features, functionality, architecture, installation process, configuration settings, and troubleshooting tools available for McAfee Data Loss Prevention Endpoint 11.5. Additionally, the resources and videos available in the course are packaged for individual use so that can be referenced later.

Course Goals
§Describe the solution, key features, functionality, and architecture.
§Install and configure McAfee Data Loss Prevention Endpoint.
§ Manage user roles and permissions, policies and rules, to track and control sensitive information. 
§ Gather and analyze evidence and events. 
§ Create and interpret reports to monitor incidents, events, and system health. 
§ Learn about troubleshooting tools and how to use them. 

A Single license provides access for 30 days from date of registration.

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Training Credits: 2
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