Guided Learning: ESM v11 Administration 101
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This course prepares McAfee Enterprise Security Manager engineers and analysts to understand, communicate, and use the features provided by McAfee Enterprise Security Manager. Through hands-on lab exercises, you will learn how to optimize the McAfee Enterprise Security Manager by using McAfee- recommended best practices and methodologies.

[Course includes Cloud based Hands on Labs with up to 16 hours or 30 days which ever happens first]
A Single license provides access for 30 days from date of registration.

Course Objectives
* Define ESM concepts, identify appliances, and describe the ESM solution component architecture
* Navigate and configure the new features provided in this release
* Add, import, and configure data sources
* Navigate Enterprise Log Manager (ELM) and configure settings and data storage
* Navigate Enterprise Log Search (ELS) and configure settings and searches
* Navigate the ESM dashboard and create custom ESM data views
* Locate events, filter data, and manage cases
* Modify default aggregation of events and flows to meet company requirements
* Navigate and configure the Policy Editor to closely reflect your actual environment
* Use correlation to identify events of interest, isolate correlated events, then modify the rule to suit requirements
* Create and configure watchlists and alarms
* Create and configure reports
* Perform routine maintenance on ESM, including updates and clearing policy modifications and rule updates
* Perform basic troubleshooting steps
* Describe High Availability and Disaster Recovery configuration techniques and design
* Practice using the ESM dashboards and views using real world examples
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Training Credits: 15
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