Guided Learning: NSP Network Security Platform(IPS) 9.2
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The McAfee® Network Security Platform Administration 9.2 guided on-demand course fromMcAfee Education Services offers you comprehensive and focused multimedia training fromexperienced instructors in a self-paced environment at your desk. The course delivers thesame curriculum as the instructor-led training through virtual, on-demand coursework,recorded instructor presentations, use case scenarios from McAfee best practices andexperiences, and hands-on lab exercises. You’ll have email access to the instructor to getyour questions answered.

The course offers in-depth training on implementing a successful intrusion preventionstrategy. You’ll learn how to deploy and configure a McAfee Network Security Platformsolution to protect against real-world attacks. You can immediately apply your new skills toimprove protection for your business and take full advantage of your investment in McAfeeNetwork Security Platform.

[Course includes Cloud based Hands on Labs with up to 16 hours or 30 days which ever happens first]

A Single license provides access for 30 days from date of registration.

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Course Objectives

* Describe solution purpose, key features, and benefits.
* Plan the deployment.
* Configure solution features and components.
* Create and modify user accounts and administrative domains.
* Install and manage Sensors.
* Configure virtual interfaces and sub-interfaces.
* Identify, configure, customize, and tune policies.
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Training Credits: 15
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