Guided Learning: Data Loss Prevention Endpoint 11 Administration
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The McAfee® Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Administration course from McAfee Education Services provides in-depth training on the tools you need to design, implement, configure,and use McAfee Data Loss Prevention Endpoint to safeguard intellectual property and ensure compliance. The course details how this solution uses McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator®(McAfee ePO™) software for centralized management. It also explains how to monitor and address risky, day-to-day end-user actions such as emailing, web posting, printing,clipboards, screen captures, device control, uploading to the cloud, and more.

[Course includes Cloud based Hands on Labs with up to 16 hours or 30 days which ever happens first]

A Single license provides access for 30 days from date of registration.

Course Objectives:

* Describe McAfee Data Loss Prevention (DLP) portfolio, as well as purpose of portfolio solutions.
* Plan McAfee Data Loss Prevention (DLPe) deployment.
* Install and configure McAfee DLPe solution components.
* Manage user roles and permissions.
* Create and manage policies and rules.
* Track and control sensitive information.
* Gather and analyze evidence and events.
* Create and interpret reports.
* Monitor incidents, events, and system health.
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Training Credits: 15
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