Guided Learning: McAfee ePO 5.10 Administration
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The course offers in-depth training on the benefits of the centralized management and deployment of McAfee products using McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee® ePO™) software. Enabling administrators to fully understand the capabilities of their security solution not only reduces the risks of misconfiguration, but also ensures that an organization gets the maximum protection from installation.

[Course includes Cloud based Hands on Labs with up to 16 hours or 30 days which ever happens first]

A Single license provides access for 30 days from date of registration.

Course Objectives
*Identify McAfee ePO components, architecture, and communications.
*Describe McAfee ePO deployment scenarios and solutions.
*Install McAfee ePO software, perform post-installation tasks, and identify configuration tools for the initial setup of the McAfee ePO software environment.
*Configure settings and create users and permission sets.
*Learn how to navigate and manage the McAfee ePO System Tree.
*Create and manage tags and tag groups.
*Learn how to dynamically sort your machines into your McAfee ePO System Tree.
*Define the McAfee Agent, explain its purpose and key characteristics and functions, and navigate the Agent interface.
*View and interpret detailed information about your managed elements.
*Access and navigate the Client Task Catalog and manage client tasks.
*Learn how to set up the approval process and how it works in McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator.
*Access and navigate the Software Catalog, install and check in extensions and software components, and create a Product Deployment Project.
*Describe repository types and contents, and view and manage repository contents.
*Update McAfee ePO-software-managed systems with scheduled or manual client tasks, and manage McAfee ePO software repositories with server pull and replication tasks.
*Create and manage dashboards and monitors.
*Query the McAfee ePO database, and use the Query Builder to create queries.
*Use Automatic Response rules to create alerts and perform pre-determined actions.
*Identify maintenance tasks that should be performed on a regular basis.
*Describe the Disaster Recovery feature and how it works.
*Install and configure Agent Handlers, manage assignments, and create and manage Agent Handler groups.
*Create policies for Rogue System Detection, and install and remove sensors.
*Configure Rogue System Sensor settings, permission sets, and Automatic Responses, and monitor detected systems.
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Training Credits: 15
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