Sub eLearning: ACCC Application Control and Change Control 8.1 Essentials
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This is the Essentials course for the McAfee Application Control and Change Control 8.1 (Windows) / 6.2.0 (Linux) release. This course covers the product overview, installation, upgrade, un-installation, configuration, management, and usage of the product.

A Single license provides access for 30 days from date of registration.

Course Goals
■ Describe McAfee Application Control and McAfee ChangeControl solution.
■ Install the management extension.
■ Deploy and configure the client.
■ Configure server tasks and permission sets.
■ Create and manage policies and rules.
■ Design the McAfee Application Control trust model.
■ Manage the software inventory.
■ Enable and configure McAfee Change Control.
■ Configure integrity monitoring policies.
■ Gather and analyze events and alerts.
■ Create and interpret reports.
■ Perform basic troubleshooting.
■ Use the command line interface for endpoint administration.
■ Identify best practices and recommendations.

Agenda at a Glance—3 hours
■ Module 1: Introduction/Product Overviews
■ Module 2: Install/Upgrade/Uninstall 
■ Module 3: McAfee Application Control Policies 
■ Module 4: Rule Groups and Rules 
■ Module 5: Trust Model/Inventory Basics 
■ Module 6: How to Modify Protected Files 
■ Module 7: McAfee Change Control and Integrity Monitorfunctionality 
■ Module 8: Command Line Interface Administration 
■ Module 9: Dashboards, Reporting, and Events/Alerts 
■ Module 10: Troubleshooting and Best Practices/Recommendations
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