Sub eLearning: MDE Drive Encryption 7.2 Essentials
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The McAfee Drive Encryption 7.2 Essentials course from McAfee Education Services provides
attendees with interactive training on the design, setup, configuration, and management of
encryption software. In addition, students will understand how to effectively implement the
software in a complex enterprise.

A Single license provides access for 30 days from date of registration.

Course Goals
■ Analyze the impact of McAfee Drive Encryption on a securityenvironment.
■ Install McAfee Drive Encryption.
■ Analyze an environment for installation blockers.
■ Configure policies and deploy using the McAfee® Agent.
■ Evaluate the requirement to protect against cold boot attacksusing McAfee Drive Encryption.
■ Analyze the impact of policy changes in a McAfee DriveEncryption environment.
■ Perform various methods of user self-recovery.
■ Perform basic troubleshooting of McAfee Drive Encryption.

Agenda at a Glance—1.5 hours
■ Module 1: Product Overview
■ Module 2: Installation
■ Module 3: Configuration
■ Module 4: Product Management
■ Module 5: Recovery 
■ Module 6: Troubleshooting 
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