Sub eLearning: ATD Advanced Threat Def 4.0
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The McAfee® Advanced Threat Defense 4.0 Essentials course provides an introduction to
the McAfee Advanced Threat Defense product and its integration with McAfee® Network
Security Platform and McAfee® Web Gateway.

A Single license provides access for 30 days from date of registration.

Course Goals
■ Describe the architecture of a McAfee Advanced ThreatDefense deployment.
■ Describe integration with the McAfee Network SecurityPlatform and the McAfee Web Gateway.
■ Describe how to install and configure McAfee AdvancedThreat Defense within the enterprise environment

Agenda at a Glance
■ Module 1: Setting Up the Appliance
■ Module 2: Installation and Migration
■ Module 3: Configuration
■ Module 4: Updating Content
■ Module 5: Analyzing Malware
■ Module 6: Management
■ Module 7: Clustering
■ Module 8: CLI Commands
■ Module 9: Troubleshooting
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