ENS 10.7: 5-Day Expert Rules Creation Advanced Course
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Building on the ENS Platform, ENS-Expert rules allows the advanced ENS administrator to add deeper security to their ENS Deployment.
The program provides insights into McAfee’s proprietary syntaxes, and an advanced view into Operating System concepts and references, needed to better understand how McAfee’s ENS works and fully comprehend how McAfee’s Expert Rules can provide a more customized and secure environment.
Agenda At A Glance (Bullet list of modules per day) 
§ Days 1 - 4: Concepts, Technologies, and Expert Rules 
o   Technology Module 1 (Microsoft) 
o   Technology Module 2 (McAfee) 
o   Technology Module 3 (Tools) 
o   Expert Rules Types 
o   Expert Rules Syntax 
o   Expert Rules Examples Module 1 
o   Hands-on Quiz 
o   Expert Rules Examples Module 2 
o   Expert Rules Real-World Module 
o   Wrap-Up 
o   Recover Topics of Interest 
o   Expand on Previous Material 
o   Q&A 
§ Day 5 : Practical Application 
o   Hands-on lab for participants to create custom rules.  

11/8/2021 - 11/12/2021
Time Zone : (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
Seats Remaining : 2
Venue : Virtual Student / Remote Classroom [TEAMS]
Address : Collaborative lecture via web-conference,Hands-on labs in the cloud,USA
Training Credits: 35
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