MVE+MVePO: 4-Day McAfee Mvision Endpoint + Mvision ePO Admin
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Our McAfee® MVISION Endpoint with MVISION ePolicy Orchestrator Administration course provides an in-depth introduction to the tasks crucial to set up and administer McAfee MVSION Endpoint in an MVISION ePO managed customer environment. McAfee MVISION Endpoint leverages and enhances built-in Windows 10 Windows Defender security with advanced McAfee protection for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 and newer systems. McAfee MVISION ePO is a SaaS-based centralized security management console that enables management of Microsoft Defender along with McAfee security products.  This course combines lectures and practical lab exercises, with significant time allocated for hands-on interaction with the McAfee MVISION Endpoint policies in the MVISION ePO user interface, as well as detailed instructions for the integration of this solution. 

Agenda at a Glance (Bullet list of modules per day) 
Day 1
§ Module 1: Welcome 
§ Module 2: MVISION ePO: Product Introduction 
§ Module 3: MVISION ePO: Features and Architecture 
§ Module 4: MVISION ePO: Role of an Administrator 
  • Module 5: MVISION ePO: Planning and Populating the System Tree 
Day 2
§ Module 6: MVISION ePO: Using the Tag Catalog 
§ Module 7: MVISION ePO: Client Tasks 
§ Module 8: MVISION ePO: Managing Policies 
§ Module 9: MVISION ePO: Automatic Responses and Notifications 
§ Module 10: MVISION Endpoint: Product Introduction 
§ Module 11: MVISION Endpoint: Product Deployment 
Day 3
§ Module 12: MVISION Endpoint: General Policy 
§ Module 13: MVISION Endpoint: Firewall Policy 
§ Module 14: MVISION Endpoint: Exclusions Policy, Evaluation Builds and Non-compliance Notifications 
§ Module 15: MVISION Endpoint: Exploit Guard and the MVISION Endpoint Exploit Protection Program Settings Policy 
§ Module 16: MVISION Endpoint: Protection Workspace Overview 
Day 4
§ Module 17: MVISION Endpoint: Quarantine Management 
§ Module 18: MVISION Endpoint: Log Files 
§ Module 19: MVISION ePO: Queries 
§ Module 20: MVISION ePO: Queries and Reports 

9/14/2021 - 9/17/2021
Time Zone : (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
Seats Remaining : 10
Venue : Virtual Student / Remote Classroom [TEAMS]
Address : Collaborative lecture via web-conference,Hands-on labs in the cloud,USA
Number of Vouchers Need: 28
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