MVISION Cloud: 4-day Cloud Administration
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The McAfee® MVISION Cloud Administration course from McAfee Education Services
provides in-depth training on McAfee MVISION Cloud and related McAfee® products. The
course covers on configuration and administration of critical MVISION Cloud functions. It
also walks through the components to help participants identify, define, and refine use
cases based on specific scenarios. MVISION Cloud Administration explains how to monitor
and address risky, day-to-day end-user actions in “Shadow IT” or in the cloud access
security broker (CASB) world.

Agenda at a Glance

Day 1
■ Welcome
■ MVISION Cloud Overview
■ MVISION Cloud Interface
■ Dashboard and Reporting
Day 2
■ Connecting Services
■ Classifying Data
■ Data Loss Prevention Policy
■ Data Loss Prevention for Email
Day 3
■ Cloud Access Protection
■ Activity Monitoring
■ Threat Protection
■ Shadow IT
Day 4
■ Configuration Audit
■ Advanced Topics

11/16/2021 - 11/19/2021
Time Zone : (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
Seats Remaining : 8
Venue : Virtual Student / Remote Classroom [TEAMS]
Address : Collaborative lecture via web-conference,Hands-on labs in the cloud,USA
1/4/2022 - 1/7/2022
Time Zone : (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
Seats Remaining : 12
Venue : Virtual Student / Remote Classroom 2 [TEAMS]
Address : Collaborative lecture via web-conference,- Hands-on labs in the cloud,USA
Training Credits: 28
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