eLearning: MWG Web Gateway 7.7 Essentials
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McAfee® Web Gateway analyzes the nature and intent of all content and code entering the
network from requested web pages, providing immediate protection against malware and other
hidden threats. In this course, you’ll learn how to install, configure, operate, and perform basic
troubleshooting on McAfee Web Gateway for optimal protection.

A Single license provides access for 30 days from date of registration.

Course Goals
■ Define web gateway.
■ Classify attack types and detection methods.
■ Define how a web gateway functions.

Agenda at a Glance—8 hours
■ Module 1: Course Introduction
■ Module 2: Overview
■ Module 3: Installation
■ Module 4: Configuration
■ Module 5: Central Management
■ Module 6: Rules
■ Module 7: Lists
■ Module 8: Authentication
■ Module 9: Monitoring
■ Module 10: Troubleshooting
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