EPO 5.9: 4-Day ePolicy Orchestrator Administration
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The McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® Administration (v5.9)course from McAfee Education
Services enables attendees to receive in-depth training on the benefits of the centralized
management and deployment of McAfee products using McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator
(McAfee ePO™) software. Enabling administrators to fully understand the capabilities of
their security solution not only reduces the risks of misconfiguration, but also ensures that
an organization gets the maximum protection from installation.

Course Goals
■ Plan the deployment.
■ Install and configure ePolicy Orchestrator software.
■ Set up the ePolicy Orchestrator server.
■ Manage users and resources
■ Manage network security,policies, and databases.
■ Monitor and report on network security status.
■ Install and use McAfee Agent.

Number of Vouchers Need: 28
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